Most extensive range of hollow sections in Europe

The success of many industrial and construction projects greatly depends on the availability of the required materials at the right time. Economic and social developments have put great pressure on this important factor.

Risk control

Impexstaal has an extended longstanding international network of steel mills. This enables us to make the perfect match between the producer and our customer in every situation. Our permanent stock   -unique in volume, size and length- is an essential support in overcoming unexpected challenges. Our efforts to support our customers in making their projects successful have no limits. Part of these efforts is the participation in the risks involved. Our very strong financial basis and extensive logistical capabilities make us the perfect partner for your projects.

Close cooperation

Projects are becoming increasingly complex. By making use of the experience of the supplier, together we can find the best available options to execute our plans. After all our suppliers have a wealth of experience and know how to avoid bottlenecks. In doing so, it is essential to communicate in the early stages of the process to create an optimal flow in logistics and services.

Support through our stock program

Impexstaal possesses the largest and broadest stock program in hollow sections and construction tubes in Western Europe. Our unrivalled variety in lengths up to 20 meter enables us to support running projects in every stage of their cycle.

A quick summary of our unique strengths;


  • provides you with decades of experience, a proactive approach and maximum flexibility;
  • provides you with the support of the largest variety in sizes and lengths via our stock program; the largest in Western Europe;
  • minimizes financial risks and ensures availability;
  • has no limits in length due to it direct access to water;
  • takes care of an extensive range of material tests and inspections;
  • takes care of an extensive range of (surface) treatments.

Personal advice

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