Square hollow sections

from 70 x 70 to 500 x 500

Square hollow sections from 70 x 70 to 500 x 500

We have the following sections regularly in stock. For more information, please contact our sales department or use the contact form.

Hollow sectionWall thickness
4 mm
Wall thickness
5 mm
Wall thickness
6 mm
Wall thickness
8 mm
Wall thickness
10 mm
Wall thickness
12,5 mm
Wall thickness
16 mm
Wall thickness
20 mm
500 x 500500x500x12,5500x500x16500x500x20
400 x 400400x400x6400x400x8400x400x10400x400x12,5400x400x16400x400x20
350 x 350350x350x6350x350x8350x350x10350x350x12,5350x350x16
300 x 300300x300x6300x300x8300x300x10300x300x12,5300x300x16300x300x20
260 x 260260x260x6260x260x8260x260x10260x260x12,5260x260x16
250 x 250250x250x6250x250x8250x250x10250x250x12,5250x250x16
220 x 220220x220x6220x220x8220x220x10220x220x12,5220x220x16
200 x 200200x200x5200x200x6200x200x8200x200x10200x200x12,5200x200x16
180 x 180180x180x4180x180x5180x180x6180x180x8180x180x10180x180x12,5180x180x16
160 x 160160x160x4160x160x5160x160x6160x160x8160x160x10160x160x12,5160x160x16
150 x 150150x150x4150x150x5150x150x6150x150x8150x150x10150x150x12,5150x150x16
140 x 140140x140x4140x140x5140x140x6140x140x8140x140x10140x140x12,5
120 x 120120x120x4120x120x5120x120x6120x120x8120x120x10120x120x12,5
110 x 110110x110x6110x110x8110x110x10110x110x12,5
100 x 100100x100x4100x100x5100x100x6100x100x8100x100x10100x100x12,5
90 x 9090x90x490x90x590x90x8
80 x 8080x80x480x80x580x80x680x80x8
70 x 7070x70x470x70x5
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